The Princess and The Blob


Job: Novelty gift artwork
Client: Private

CONCEPT: A client requested a creative fun design to be produced on a mouse pad, mug, or T-shirt.

CHALLENGE: Presented with only a vague idea of the concept, the finished artwork needed to reflect a pop art comic design with wit.

SOLUTION: Drawing inspiration from the classic Princess and the Frog Fairytale, this satirical piece offers a hard look at aspiration and attraction. Working in Adobe Illustrator allowed for a nice balance between cartooning photographs and placing the right typefaces to match. Final touches were added by filtering in worn edges, paper creases, and old comic book page textures. Mockups were then produced in Adobe Photoshop to help visualize the possible finished product options.

RESULT: The client loved the direction and went with the design on a T-shirt for the gift! They say love is blind, but how’s its sense of smell?