Sempervirens Books


Job: Book covers, website, & marketing materials
Client: Sempervirens Books

CONCEPT: Best-selling awarding-winning author, Dennis J. Reader, needed the perfect cover for the 2nd addition of one of his popular titles Coming Back Alive. Additionally, three other new titles needed full covers created.

CHALLENGE: Drafting four individually unique eye-catching book covers while simultaneously preserving the continuity of the brand in each.

SOLUTION: First, each book’s cover artwork was carefully selected and crafted, and then retouched and adjusted in Adobe Photoshop. Next, the artwork was imported to Adobe Illustrator where the right title typeface to complement each cover’s artwork was selected along with a well-suited subtitle and description font. The project concluded with the layout of the back cover and spine for each design, reflecting the design choices of their cover tying them together nicely.

RESULT: Four distinguished covers were produced to the delight of the author! Additional marketing material was requested and fulfilled: a brand logo for his publishing company, letterhead, business cards, and the design and launch of a website: